Sergiu Iatan

Attorney at Law

Senior Associate

Sergiu Iatan

The Mark Tower, 82 - 98 Calea Grivitei,

14th Floor, District 1




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Sergiu is a Senior Associate in the Legal Management Consulting practice of Reff & Associates and part of the company since October 2018.
He is an experienced legal professional with a background in legal management consulting, corporate entity management, legal software customization and implementation support, and the development of legal technologies. He has provided consulting services to clients from various industries, implementing and customizing legal software solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations. He has also developed innovative legal technologies that streamline workflows and increase efficiency, leveraging his legal background to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to complex legal challenges.

Sergiu holds a Bachelor`s Degree in Law from University of Bucharest, an MBA from University of Geneva and a Master`s Degree in European Union Law from University of Bucharest. Sergiu is a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2019.

Sergiu Iatan