Deloitte Legal Handbook for Real Estate Transactions 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of Deloitte Legal "Handbook for Real Estate Transactions" gives an overview of the legal framework for real estate transactions related to various asset classes in 24 countries.

With over 1,900 experienced legal professionals in 75+ countries, Deloitte Legal has a strong team of skilled legal professionals providing specialized knowledge and flexibility to address challenges cost effectively--considering the complexity and importance of the matter for the client and the available budget.

One of the industries in which Deloitte Legal focuses is the Real Estate industry. We act as legal advisors of a relevant number of REITs and Property companies, investment funds, engineering and construction companies, tenants, occupiers, etc.

The Deloitte Legal Handbook for Real Estate Transactions 2nd Edition gives an overview of the main real estate regulations regarding transactions of different class assets in 24 countries where Deloitte Legal has active presence in the real estate market.

It is no longer possible to look at domestic markets in isolation; Due to the globalization and the challenging economic climate, investors requirements are changing. We at Deloitte Legal have adapted to these changing needs, have a good understanding of the local legal, business and administrative environment in the jurisdictions where we operate, which we combine with an excellent connectivity to the global Deloitte Legal and wider Deloitte network. Together with our clients, we are constantly improving the way we deliver our services with the aim of becoming the mayor non-traditional legal services provider in the real estate market.

Deloitte Legal offers a delivery model based on long-established practices of lawyers experienced in serving multinational clients and in working with colleagues in Tax, Consulting, Risk and Financial Advisory as part of a cross-functional Deloitte client service relationship team.

Together with the International Property Handbook from Deloitte's Global Real Estate & Construction group, the Deloitte Legal Handbook for Real Estate Transactions 2nd Edition from the Deloitte Legal Real Estate group aims to overview the legal regulations regarding Real Estate transactions in the main jurisdictions we operate.

Building on the success of the first edition of the Deloitte Legal Handbook for Real Estate Transactions, the second edition now extends to 24 jurisdictions.

Deloitte Legal handbook for Real Estate Transactions

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