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Silvia Axinescu

Managing Associate

Silvia is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and has been part of the legal team for the last 7 years. She serves clients primarily in Corporate and Commercial practice.

With more than 13 years of experience, Silvia has been representing clients in various projects of regulatory compliance, corporate and commercial aspects, having a particular focus on areas including privacy and data protection, consumers’ protection and electronic communications.

She constantly provides ongoing legal assistance to various retailers (acting within different industries) on promotions regulations, low price sales, products safety, warranty certificates and other consumer protection issues in order to ensure compliance with local consumer protection regulations, including challenges of compliance in the online sector.

She assists various clients in relation to compliance of data protection formalities (consent, informing obligation, transfer, boiler plate clauses, review of contracts for observing data protection rules) for various cases, including HR purposes, marketing campaigns, surveillance and monitoring for security purposes, investigations concerning potential violation of business conduct policies and transfers of various financial institutions’ portfolio.

She provides legal assistance in connection with the review, drafting and negotiations of several commercial contracts for clients acting in the retail and pharma sector, including distribution of products, services supply, consultancy, sponsorship, clinical studies and other contracts relevant for the industry.

Silvia is an attorney at law, member of the Bucharest Bar since February 2004.

Areas of practice: Consumer, data protection & intellectual property, Corporate, commercial & M&A

Ovidiu Bălăceanu

Managing Associate

Ovidiu is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and has been part of the legal team for the last year. He is assisting clients on a wide range of environmental law and sanitary veterinary and food-safety law aspects.

With more than 9 years experience in environmental law, he covers, amongst others, waste management (with particular focus on packaging waste and WEEE), environmental taxes, permitting, industrial emissions, hazardous substances, the regime of natural protected areas and pollution investigation and remediation.

He has worked with and coordinated multi-disciplinary teams verifying compliance with waste management and permitting requirements and recommending remediation and risk mitigation actions.

Ovidiu takes a particular interest in assisting clients in preparation of and during controls by environmental authorities and collaborates with the litigation team in preparing the merits of the court cases having an environmental law component, particularly challenging decisions of the Environmental Fund Administration and sanctions by the National Environmental Guard.

He also assists and represents clients before environmental authorities on matters of relevance for the clients such as during permitting procedures, for seeking official interpretations and for proposing legal amendments.

Ovidiu is also experienced in sanitary veterinary and food-safety law matters covering the entire “farm to fork” cycle, including animal welfare and diseases, food traceability, food safety requirements and managing food alerts.

Ovidiu is member of the Bucharest Bar and of the AmCham Environment Committee. He holds a Law Degree from the University of Bucharest Law School and an LLM in Internal and International Law from the Ecological University of Bucharest Law School.

Areas of practice: Consumer, data protection & intellectual property, Energy & Enviroment

Adrian Coman

Managing Associate

Adrian is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and has been part of the legal team since 2016. He serves clients primarily in Public Sector practice.

With more than 10 years of professional experience, he is involved in a wide range of industries and fields, at both national and European level.

His experience on public sector related engagements includes regulatory and compliance advice for domestic and foreign investors. He also advises public authorities involved in complex public procurement/ concessions/ PPP projects.

He covers management and provision of tailored training sessions on national and EU public procurement regulations and sector best practice, as well as consultancy activities and court dispute assistance in relation to both local and EU tendering procedures as well as in relation to tendering procedures organized or financed by IFIs.

Adrian has been actively involved as a legal public sector specialist and contributed valuable professional input, representing and supporting the business community thorough its leading associations, such as AmCham and the Foreign Investors Council, on various legislative initiatives and changes regarding public procurement and concessions legislation, PPP legislation, EU funds secondary legislation etc. He has served as Co-Chairman and Member to relevant committees and professional bodies.

Areas of practice: Public Sector

Paula Crînganu

Managing Associate

Paula is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and serves clients primarily in the banking finance sector.

With more than 5 years of experience in financing transactions, she covers the following areas: structuring and negotiating bilateral and syndicated facilities for both lenders and borrowers, debt restructuring, as well as advising on issues such as trade finance, cash management services and a wide range of finance legal matters.

In the financial services industry regulatory area, she has been assisting banks, leasing companies and payment institutions in regulatory matters, including bank mergers, transfer of performing and non-performing loan portfolios.

Areas of practice: Banking & Finance

Andrea Grigoraș

Managing Associate

Andrea is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and has been part of the legal team for the last 9 years. Her practice areas are primarily competition and state aid.

Combining strong theoretical knowledge with a wide legal expertise, Andrea is a pragmatic and reliable lawyer, acknowledged by her clients as a business oriented professional.

She assists clients in relation to day-to-day commercial behavior, economic concentrations control both in front of Competition Council and European Commission, investigations of the competition authorities and state aid matters. Andrea focuses on industries as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, financial sector and real estate.

Andrea is member of Bucharest Bar.

Areas of practice: Competition

Simona Iacob

Managing Associate

Simona is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and serves clients primarily in real-estate practice.

With more than 12 years of professional experience, she has assisted a major real – estate developer on the Romanian market in terms of its day-to-day investments and management activities of office space (drafting and negotiation of lease agreements and related addenda, day to day management), retail (shopping centers) and residential portfolio (negotiation and drafting of construction agreements, lease agreements, conciliation and mediation of disputes with tenants), services agreements for day to day management of shopping malls, office buildings, corporate aspects, drafting and implementation of group policies.

Areas of practice: Real Estate

Luiza Ionescu-Donoiu

Managing Associate

Luiza is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and serves clients primarily in Litigation practice.

With more than 8 years of experience in administrative, tax and commercial practice, she coordinates a large number of commercial and administrative litigations against national authorities and particularly tax litigation against the tax authorities.

Also, Luiza is representing a broad spectrum of industries leading companies in Arbitration litigations, competition cases and employment litigations.

The team in which Luiza acts as Managing Associate offers advice and representation before national courts for an important portfolio of commercial litigation and enforcement proceedings.

Areas of practice: Litigation

Alex Lascu

Managing Associate

Alex is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and has been part of the legal team for the last 10 years and serves clients primarily in public sector, corporate projects and M&A practice.

Alex has solid experience in a complete range of subjects in the public sector field, covering public procurement, concessions, PPPs, joint ventures involving public authorities, as well as elements pertaining to the functioning of state owned companies.

He assisted clients from both public and private areas in all stages of public sector projects, from the phase of structuring, to the negotiation and signing of contracts, or providing assistance on legal aspects pertaining to the performance and amendment of public contracts. The assignments range from large infrastructure projects to public domain administration, public utility services, or procurement of heavy equipment. He has been appointed as key expert on projects for strengthening the administrative capacity of public authorities and has delivered trainings on public procurement and concession matters.

Also, Alex’s expertise covers all aspects pertaining to corporate governance of private and public companies. He has extensive experience in providing legal advice on corporate governance and structuring, providing legal assistance in reorganizations at group level, including merger and spin-offs, as well as complete corporate secretarial services. Also, he coordinates due diligence analysis on corporate matters.

Qualifications: Member of the Bucharest Bar since 2007.

Areas of practice: Public Sector

Anca Melinte

Managing Associate

Anca is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and has been part of the legal team since May 2016. She serves clients equally in Corporate Law and Energy Law practices.

She has more than 9 years of experience in corporate law, with a focus on mergers, acquisitions, share capital increases and decreases, including due diligence process and the drafting of the transaction documents, structuring of shareholders’ agreements.

Likewise, she was a wealth of experience in energy, in particular in the fields of electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, oil and gas. In this area, she regularly advises producers, distributors, suppliers and clients in relation to various regulatory aspects, as well as contractual matters.

Another area of expertise covers the public procurement awarding procedures and public procurement and concessions contracts negotiating, concluding and performance related matters. Anca has assisted both contracting authorities and bidders in all stages of the procedures, either classic or sectorial, including the settlement of challenges.

Anca is an attorney at law, member of the Bucharest Bar since February 2008. She has a summa cum laude degree in Law with Law School, University “A. I. Cuza”, Iasi and a LLM in European law with the same university.

Areas of practice: Energy & Enviroment

Diana Rădoi

Managing Associate

Diana is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and serves clients mainly in M&A practice.

With more than 9 years of professional experience, she has been actively involved in various types of mergers and acquisitions, assisting both sell side and buy side clients during the due diligence phase and acquisition process.

She has advised numerous clients on real estate transactions, in acquisitions totaling hundreds of millions of Euro, particularly for the largest real estate investor in Romania on the retail field. Diana provided assistance in various real estate transactions, starting from the initial structuring phase, to the due diligence phase, followed by the preparation and negotiation of legal documentation regarding the acquisitions/sales and finalizing with the execution of the contractual documentation as well as monitoring the post-closing implementation.

She also has experience in assisting both domestic and international clients on various legal matters pertaining to the development and lease of commercial and office spaces.

Cristi Secrieru

Managing Associate

Cristi is Managing Associate with Reff & Associates and serves clients primarily in Litigation practice.

With more than 12 years of experience in litigation and arbitration, he assists clients in various areas of expertise such as taxation, public administration, public procurement or commercial disputes.

In the context of diversification and further interaction with public authorities, with complex implication in private entities’ life, Cristi has successfully assisted a series of major actors in the oil & gas industry, offering complex services in taxation, public administration and competition issues.

Thus, in the past, he assisted a leading company in this field in the dispute with the Georgian competition authorities, regarding a multi-million euro penalty on company’s charge.

At the same time, he was part of the team that assisted a mining company during the proceedings for determination of the environmental conditions’ impact for the largest and the most complex exploitation project in Romania.

Areas of practice: Litigation

Cătălina Stroe

Managing Associate

Cătălina is Managing Associate in Reff & Associates and serves clients primarily in business crime prevention strategies and offering tailor fit solutions (addressing clients’ criminal compliance risks and mitigate problems before a potential investigation). Cătălina is also involved in legal assistance and representation of various important national and multinational companies and private individuals in criminal investigations, as part of teams dealing with complex parallel proceedings with criminal, civil and fiscal/administrative elements.

With more than 12 of professional experience, she covers AML/CTF compliance matters, fraud and corruption prevention area, with extensive experience in various forensic projects.

As an AML/CTF expert, Cătălina was member of Minister of Justice team that has driven the reform agenda on anti-money laundering and terrorism financing issues (amending national legislation, coordination of national institutions with responsibilities in the field, organized and ensured technical assistance for the peer-review missions) and she was a Moneyval evaluator.

Cătălina is a Member of the National Anticorruption Strategy platform for business environment organized by Romanian Ministry of Justice.

Areas of practice: Business Criminal Law