Business Partner Monitoring


Business Partner Monitoring

Knowing whether enforcement, insolvency and bankruptcy filings have been initiated against your business partners helps you act before the entire process has already started and little can be done. Until now, obtaining this knowledge involved a lot of manual work, which is why many companies relied more on traditional credit scoring methods.

In order to offer you instant insight on the insolvency risk of your business partners, with minimum costs and effort, we provide a technology powered service whereby we monitor the courts’ web portals for enforcement, insolvency and bankruptcy filings and send you daily email updates.

Service highlights

  • Daily check of new enforcement, insolvency and bankruptcy filings against your business partners.
  • Enforcement & Insolvency Advisory - we advise on the best course of action for your company.
  • No installation required – you will get insights via email, no need to install a tool.
  • Effortless to use– just send the list of the identification number of the partners you want to monitor, and we will do the rest.

How does it work?

  • Step 1 – list of partners to track: You send the list of business partners for the daily and historical check and the persons that should be informed of the files found;
  • Step 2 – go live: We leverage automation to perform the daily check and we send you an email with the results of the search (the list of the new files with a link to the litigation portal or a confirmation that no files have been found).
  • Step 3 – updating the partner list: Just send an email with the new list you want to monitor.

Key benefits

  • Be the first to find out about the potential financial difficulties of a partner;
  • Act without the constraints of an already open insolvency procedure;
  • More time to analyze and mitigate risks;
  • Daily updates at your fingertips;
  • Cost effective.

Key contacts

Simina Mut

Simina Mut


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Lorena Roșia

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