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Deloitte, Reff & Associates Assess Competiveness of Food Processing, Construction Industries

Deloitte Romania together with Reff & Associates, the law firm representing the international network of law firms Deloitte Legal in Romania have conducted a report assessing the competitiveness of the food processing and construction industries, two sectors that have been key drivers of economic growth but which have also been hamstrung by red tape.

The Competition Assessment Review of Romania, which lists 152 specific recommendations, was conducted for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) together with the Competition Council and the Romanian Government. 

“In a continuously regulated market in which new players have to go through the pains and hurdles of authorization, certification, authentication and licensing, it is vital for the Romanian society to check to what extent these systems did not become real barriers for those who wish to open a business,” said Radu Kubinschi, director Deloitte Romania. “The OECD experts together with our teams have achieved this for two key sectors in the country: food processing and construction.” 

Kubinschi also said that the two sectors are key both due to the share and dynamic they represent in the country’s GDP as well as due to the countless number of regulations affecting them. 

Florentina Munteanu, Partner and head of the competition law practice at Reff & Associates added: “The Competition Assessment Review in the two sectors has revealed the existence of a significant number of regulations that have a major impact on the competition in those markets through unnecessary restrictions, discrimination or simply lack of some objective criteria that the relevant authorities involved in the authorization and control should apply.” 

Deloitte’s team involved Radu Kubinschi, director, Beatrice Bucur, manager, Ioana Vadan, senior consultant, Stefan Anghel, senior consultant and Anemari-Margrit Bențu, consultant.

The Reff & Associates team was made of Florentina Munteanu, Partner and head of the competition law practice together with other experienced members of the competition team such as Andrea Grigoraș, senior associate and Miruna Stanciu, associate.

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