How to navigate Foreign Direct Investment regulations in Central Europe


How to navigate Foreign Direct Investment regulations in Central Europe

The global pandemic has led to faster developments in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) than ever before in the past twenty years. Investors seek protection against general lock-downs or supply-chain disruption in due diligence exercises and in transaction documents. MAC clauses, earn-out mechanisms and other standard contractual measures are being revisited.

On the regulatory level, governments are seeking the protection of critical supplies and services. New regulations are being imposed on foreign direct investment into crucial or strategic industries.

How can investors navigate through the newly implemented regulations of foreign investment into strategic industries in various Central Europe countries? The Deloitte Legal Central Europe team has put together an integrated and comprehensive overview on how 12 countries in the region have implemented FDI specific rules, including definitions, procedures, decisions, fines or other penalties. Download our Foreign Direct Investment in Central Europe brochure.

Foreign Direct Investment in CE

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