Dispute Resolution

Our team is comprised of 14 highly skilled and dedicated lawyers who assist the Clients in various proceedings before all levels of jurisdiction throughout the country as well as before arbitration courts both at the national and international level.

Our lawyers are defending the rights and interests of our Clients in a wide range of disputes, covering tax litigation, commercial disputes, administrative litigations, public procurement related disputes or competition law – related claims.

In our professional endeavors, we firstly ensure prompt evaluation of the specific litigation case and we identify the most appropriate way to approach it. Decisions regarding litigation strategy take into consideration a large number of aspects, including potential damages, strengths and weaknesses of the opponent's position, settlement offers and cost/benefit assessment. During all phases of court litigations, we adapt our strategy, re-assess the situation and recommend to our Clients the most advantageous course of action, based on the specific progress of the case. 

Tax and administrative Litigations

Our combined tax and legal expertise allows us to defend the interest of our Clients in the most complex tax litigation cases. Our tax and legal team work together from the initial stages of a tax dispute, usually a tax audit, covering both the legal and tax matters of the case. In the event that the results of the tax audit are not favorable to our Client we provide them first with our thorough assessment of the risks and the winning/losing chances of the specific case.

We assist the Client during the administrative proceeding in persuading the tax authorities to reverse their decisions or to timely issue their decision on a specific request. This approach prevents our Clients avoid unnecessary time spent in court and of course related costs.

Finally, when a tax dispute cannot be solved during administrative proceedings, we are well prepared to continue the legal battle with tax authorities before the court. Our combined expertise in tax and legal matters is the right mix for obtaining favorable outcomes for our Clients even in the most complex and difficult of tax disputes. We offer our Clients full representation services in all levels of jurisdiction and throughout the country.

Commercial Disputes

We assist our Clients both in commercial pre-litigious and business-related disputes regarding the recovery of commercial debts, corporate conflicts, enforcement proceedings, breach of contractual provisions (including FIDIC contracts), termination of contracts, labor litigations, commercial arbitration, capital markets litigations, competition law related disputes.

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