Insolvency risk monitoring


Insolvency risk monitoring

Knowing whether an insolvency request has been filed against your business partners helps you act before the insolvency has already started and little can be done. Until now, obtaining this knowledge involved a lot of manual work, which is why many companies relied more on traditional credit scoring methods.

In order to offer you instant insight on the insolvency risk of your business partners, with minimum costs and effort, we provide a technology powered service whereby we monitor the courts’ web portals for insolvency filings and send you daily email updates.

Service highlights

  • Daily insolvency filing review of your business partners – we monitor, on a daily basis, any insolvency claims made against your business partners.
  • Insolvency advisory - we advise on the best course of action if such an insolvency filing is found.
  • No installation required – all you have to do is provide us with your list of business partner and the email addresses where you want to receive the alerts, we take care of all the rest.
  • Notable timesaving – monitoring business partners using your own resources would take on average six to seven hours per day to cover 200 business partners.

How does it work?

Step 1: You provide a list of business partners alongside the desired mailing lists that will receive the daily results;

Step 2: We perform an initial check and provide a report on the insolvency filings found. Optionally, we may review the results of the initial check and provide you and overview;

Step 3: We perform a daily check of relevant filings on the dedicated webpage of the Ministry of Justice,, leveraging our automated solution, and send you a daily confirmation of the search results (weather no fillings were found for the list of the business partners or the insolvency filings found that day);

Step 4: If we do find an insolvency filling, we reach out to you to advise on the best course of action.

Optional: An overview of the search results for all your business partners may be sent at your request.

Key benefits

  • Early warning on potential insolvency;
  • Daily updates at your fingertips;
  • Highly cost effective;

Request a live demo for the Business Partner Monitoring solution and our team will show you how the insolvency risk monitoring service can work for you!

Contacts: Simina Mut & Lorena Rosia

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Simina Mut

Simina Mut


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Lorena Roșia

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