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Contract and document lifecycle automation solutions

Automation entered the mainstream and the challenge for organizations will be to apply it in a wise and beneficial manner for their business. To help organizations harness these benefits, experts from Reff & Associates | Deloitte Legal, in collaboration with Legito, the leading legal-tech company based in Czech Republic, offer contract and document lifecycle automation solutions for legal, HR, procurement and financial departments. Additionally, the solution can facilitate the electronical signing of the documents, using the qualified signature provided in partnership with certSIGN, a pioneer on the Romanian market by introducing paperless technologies in business processes.

For a more sophisticated approach of the automation legal process, organizations could opt for a more complex contract legal management solution that will be more relevant for their business requirements.

Which solution better fit your organization’s needs?

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Simina Mut

Simina Mut


Simina is an attorney at law, she leads the Deloitte Legal’s Global Centre of Excellence and Deloitte Legal’s Management Consulting practice in Central Europe. She has 10+ years of experience as a tra... More

Lorena Roșia

Lorena Roșia

Managing Associate

Lorena is a fully qualified lawyer with an experience of over 9 years in the financial services industry. Lorena has focused in the last two years in transformation projects in the legal department an... More