Legal chatbots


Legal chatbots

The legal chatbot, available from anywhere and 24/7, is designed to enable you to offer legal support to your internal clients instantly and on the go, on routine and volume legal tasks.

The chatbot answers frequently asked legal questions of your internal clients, generates straightforward legal documents, offers legal advice on routine matters, everything in accordance with the instructions you have approved.

This allows you to optimize time for the legal team and better manage legal risks.

Service highlights

  • We build the legal chatbot leveraging the no-code chatbot platform offered by Druid, a leading chatbot provider.
  • The chatbot can be programmed to:

- Answer FAQs;

- Provide routine legal advice based on predefined rules;

- Generate simple complexity legal documents (e.g. fill-in template NDAs/contracts, fill-in consent forms, statements);

- Sign documents using electronic signature;

- Provide contracting guidance;

- Route to the legal team for assistance unavailable in the legal chatbot.

  • Is available 24/7 on existing communication channels, like talking to a colleague (e.g. MS Teams, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger). It can work as well on company website.
  • Uses multi-language Natural language Processing (NLP) to understand what your internal clients want (this requires a database on how your internal clients demand advice, which will grow as the chatbot is used).
  • No code needed for chatbot maintenance & update – your legal team can easily learn to update the chatbot with new legal answers, as the law or your practice changes, and also to learn the chatbot to offer new legal services
  • It connects with other systems (SQL/Oracle, ERPs, CRMs, RPA etc.), so that it can gather or push legal data to those systems (e.g. new contract entry in the ERP tool).

How can you have it live in your team?

We offer end-to-end services in building legal chatbots as follows:

  • Design: we will support you in designing your own flows and templates (from both a user experience and a legal perspective) and prepare the database of FAQs required for the chatbot to reply to your routine legal questions. We will also advise on the governance you should have in place to make sure the chatbot is successful in the long term;
  • Implementation: our technical team will connect the chatbot with your systems and implement the flows in the chatbot solution;
  • Test: we will test the chatbot to make sure it is in line with our design and make improvements before the go live date;
  • Training & handing over: we will train you to maintain and update the chatbot, as needed, on your own. We will be available to support you if you face any difficulties when updating and maintaining the chatbot on your own;
  • Maintenance and support: we may offer constant update of the chatbot flows according to legal changes and also offer chatbot maintenance and support as needed;
  • Readymade flows: the chatbot comes with readymade marketing consent flow, data minimization flow and a basic database of FAQs designed to cover general privacy concerns.

Key benefits

  • Natural conversation experience driven by AI NLP algorithms;
  • Available 24/7 and anywhere;
  • Cost effective to set up and run;
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems (e.g. finance, HR systems);
  • Easily scalable and continuous learning available.

Extend the legal chatbots to other use cases

The Druid chatbot platform that we use to build the legal chatbot can be leveraged for other departments in your company, such as:
  • HR

- Generate and sign HR documents;

- Create and approve HR requests (e.g. leave requests);


  • Finance

- Get finance reports;

- Approve expenses/contracts;

- FAQ.

Request a live demo and our professionals will show you how a legal chatbot can help your team!

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Simina Mut


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