Case studies

Completed projects

Public sector


  • Legal assistance provided to the Management Authority for the Operational Program for the development of Human Resources (AMPOSDRU) regarding management of the operational program for development of human resources.
  • Advising The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on a large-scale regulatory assessment involving screening the existing laws and regulations in the construction sector, including public procurement, as well as food-processing sector.
  • Assisting a Spanish company in a construction project in relation to the performance of construction works contracted by local public authorities under FIDIC conditions.
  • Legal public procurement related assistance provided to Bucharest Municipality Assistance throughout a complex tender procedure for the awarding of concession of works contracts in relation to 12 public parking areas (five underground and seven above ground) located in Bucharest.
  • Legal assistance to the Ministry of European Funds, consisting in preparation of the standard public procurement contracts to be used by the authority for contracting services and supply, within the “Support in performing the coordination activity for structural instruments and management of the Operational Program Technical Assistance” project.
  • Legal assistance provided to one of the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe throughout a spin-off procedure, including legal advice with respect to the transfer of ongoing public procurement contracts, participation of the companies resulted from the de-merger in public procurement procedures and possibility of transferring relevant similar experience.
  • Legal assistance to Transport Urban Sinaia, in relation to the legal nature of the delegated management contract concluded between Sinaia City Hall and TUS for the local public transport and cable transport.
  • Legal assistance to the National Motorway and National Roads Company under a litigation procedure between CNADNR and the Romanian Court of Accounts, concerning performance and amendment of a public procurement contract concluded by CNADNR for the construction of Constanta ring road, as well as with respect to the applicability of public finance law to the company.
  • Legal assistance provided to the National Company for Control of Boilers, Hoisting and Pressure Vessels SA under litigation proceedings involving the Romanian Court of Accounts, concerning, among others, the obligations of the company related to repartition of profits, payment of salary rights, expenses performed by the company and subcontracting part of the company’s activities.
  • Legal assistance provided to one of the largest international hotel and resort operators  regarding analysis of the execution, performance and amendment of the joint venture agreement concluded between a state owned company, and foreign investors, for the construction of one of the largest hotels in Bucharest.
  • Legal assistance provided to one of the largest real estate investment funds in relation to:
    • assessment of the validity of a PPP agreement concluded between the Ministry of Transport and a group of private investors for the construction and operation of one of the largest office and retail centres in Bucharest, in the context of a potential acquisition by the client of participations in the project company; and
    • analysis of the possibilities of the client to enter into the project company, considering the constraints provided by the legislation applicable to public procurement concessions and PPPs.