Public Sector

We provide legal public sector assistance that will meet the specific needs of the contracting authorities while also giving relevant consideration to the requirements of bidders participating in competitive procedures concerning public procurement, concessions or public-private partnerships (PPPs) projects.

We offer assistance in all stages of public sector related projects, from the structuring phase, to the implementation, negotiation and signing of public procurement, joint venture, concession or PPP contracts. In this respect, our legal services consist of:

Providing analysis and legal opinions on the EU and national regulatory framework of public procurement projects, including project structuring and implementation assistance and advice on the possible amendment of public procurement, concession, joint venture or PPP agreements;

Assisting contracting authorities/entities or private investors in all stages of public procurement, joint venture, concession and PPP projects, starting with preparation of the feasibility and substantiation study, design of the awarding documentation and procurement procedure, or providing assistance in drafting the offer in order to ensure conformity with the tender documentation. We also provide assistance during negotiations and signing of the contract as well as during the implementation stage, as the case may be.

Providing highly specialized legal assistance with all procedural aspects regarding public procurement and EU funding related litigation, both during the administrative litigation procedure in front of the Complaints as well courts of law.

Providing trainings on EU/national public procurement procedures/regulatory framework to public entities, bidders and EU funds beneficiaries. 

Legal assessment of (public) procurement procedures organized/financed by public authorities and other financing bodies, on behalf of the latter (e.g. Ministries, the World Bank, EBRD, etc.).

The professionals working with Reff & Associates have wide expertise in public procurement, EU funded and concession or PPP projects, being involved in the drafting of a toolkit and a manual applicable to all national contracting authorities with respect to applying the concession legislation as well as delivering trainings and conferences to central and local public authorities regarding the implementation of public procurement and concessions legislation, drafting substantiation studies of concession decisions for contracting authorities, representing and assisting private investors during negotiations with the public authorities and providing assistance in various public procurement, joint venture and concession projects.

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