Ovidiu Bălăceanu

Attorney at Law

Senior Managing Associate

Ovidiu Bălăceanu

The Mark Tower, 82 - 98 Calea Grivitei,

14th Floor, District 1




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Ovidiu is Senior Managing Associate with Reff & Associates, assisting clients on a wide range of environmental law, regulatory and data protection aspects.

With more than 14 years of experience in environmental law, he covers, amongst others, waste management (with particular focus on packaging waste and WEEE), environmental taxes, permitting, industrial emissions, hazardous substances, the regime of natural protected areas and pollution investigation and remediation.

He has worked with and coordinated multi-disciplinary teams verifying compliance with waste management and permitting requirements and recommending remediation and risk mitigation actions.

Ovidiu takes a particular interest in assisting clients in preparation of and during controls by environmental authorities and collaborates with the litigation team in preparing the merits of the court cases having an environmental law component, particularly challenging decisions of the Environmental Fund Administration and sanctions by the National Environmental Guard.

He also assists and represents clients before environmental authorities on matters of relevance for the clients such as during permitting procedures, for seeking official interpretations and for proposing legal amendments.

Ovidiu is also experienced in regulatory matters (particularly sanitary veterinary and food-safety law and fire protection legislation) and data protection matters.

Ovidiu is member of the Bucharest Bar and of the AmCham Environment Committee and Foreign Investors’ Council Environmental Task Force. He holds a Law Degree from the University of Bucharest Law School and an LLM in Internal and International Law from the Ecological University of Bucharest Law School.

Ovidiu Bălăceanu